Brewery Retail Design


Brewery and Retail Design: Cabin Brewing Company, Calgary

Cabin Brewing Company was inspired by that feeling of a weekend escape to your parents’ throwback cabin in the untamed wilderness. A comfortable place to hang out with friends, a home away from home where everyone is welcome. Materials were selected to be reminiscent of a rustic log cabin, while still reflecting the company’s polished, kitsch vibe and the colour palette taken from a photograph of a hatchet lodged into a tree stump; blackened steel head and wooden handle in the context of an evergreen forest.

Because the taproom is an extension of the industrial brewery, we focused on creating intimate seating areas within the large volume. Wooden, exposed-framing cabin pods were constructed with timber and the texture of the wooden, half-round wall cladding of the exterior of a cabin was repeated in the upholstered fixed seating. Washrooms were designed to look like outhouses and a custom-fabricated canoe serves as a chandelier.

Client: Cabin Brewing Company
Role: Project Architect, Interior Design, FF&E
Categories: Retail