Ivanhoe Cambridge Management Offices, Operations and Housekeeping, Tsawwassen

Ivanhoe Cambridge required offices and infrastructure to support the operations of their newly constructed 1.2 million square foot outlet shopping mall in Tsawwassen, BC. As the mall is located 5km from a major ferry terminal and 25km from the Vancouver International Airport, inspiration was drawn from the idea of transportation and executed through the documentation of paths of individuals as they move through the suite. Traces of moment are captured through wooden beams on the corridor ceilings and etchings on the glass walls. The proximity to the beach was expressed in the flooring with linear tile moving across the floor in the same way that the tide would roll in and out; tidal pools were articulated through wall covering in each office. A competition was held to commission local photographers to provide regional imagery at reception and the staff kitchen.

Client: Ivanhoe Cambridge Inc.
Role: Project Architect, Interior Design
Categories: Landlord, Office