Lobby Design Calgary

Inclusive Design: ‘Everyone’ Public Washrooms, Calgary Housing Company with the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation

Designing for inclusive environments regardless of gender, race or ability was at the top of CHC and CMLC’s priorities for these individual public toilet rooms. Providing washroom facilities was the next step in fitting out the newly renovated main floor of East Village Place to welcome in new ground level retail tenants following the recently completed second floor community hub. Working alongside the materials that had already been established in the existing public areas, our basis for inspiration is the bright green, braille-embossed wall covering on the entry wall. We were inspired by the 30 different words chosen to create the raised texture representing qualities of the “human spirit we all possess and strive to implement in our lives” such as kindness, compassion, hope, trust and respect. The balance of the materials, including a pearl coloured version of the braille wallcovering, were selected for their neutrality and durability and to allow the green to be the focus.


Client: Calgary Housing Company (CHC) and the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (CMLC)
Role: Project Architect, Interior Design
Categories: Landlord, Office