Lara Presber // Principal


Has a penchant for dry humour, dry rosé, and most importantly drywall.

There’s not much in this world Lara loves more in her downtime than power tools and a personal home renovation project — because deep down she’s nothing if not a renaissance woman. Case in point, the alphabet after her name. All those letters mean different things but stand for one thing; she’s going to deliver. Anyone who’s been through the design and construction process knows that it takes a particular force of will to wrangle a project from its raw form into a finished space and she is uniquely possessed by that strength of being. She doesn’t leave the house without a measuring tape, dreams in plan and somehow can find a way to mollify even the unruliest of projects into submission. For proof, one can easily turn to her resume which, alongside international educations, impressive client list and vast professional accolades also includes a womenswear line. If you still aren’t satisfied, we submit to evidence her spectacular English gardens, which despite Calgary’s notoriously difficult climate, she somehow manages to coax to life each spring. A literal and figurative force of nature, Lara is a tremendous advocate for her clients. She’ll help articulate your vision and then move mountains or walls to bring it to life.

Kyla Martin // Technical Lead

Architectural Technologist, AT

Unicorns always, socializing sometimes.

Most of us barely glance at the world around us; Kyla has an unwavering gaze. From chipped teacups to the monophonic texture of a wheat field she is as likely to derive a revelation from the extraordinary as she is the mundane. She is inspired by everyday objects, turning them into extraordinary ideas, and she uses her knowledge of fashion, design, business, and building technologies to bring each to life; touching each project from start to finish to ensure continuity of ideas and execution. Drawing from those experiences, Kyla is deeply serious about her craft. An ardent lover of unicorns and pithy one-liners, hitting the outdoors with her dogs and rearranging her furniture for better Feng Shui.

Angie Calderon // Interior Design Technologist DID

Bilingual jetsetter who counts finding new hobbies among her many hobbies.

Guided by an appreciation for the outdoors and an understanding that most of our time is spent indoors, Angie ardently believes that enhancing people’s habitat increases their happiness, hence her chosen profession. Angie draws her influence from her many hobbies both outdoors and in. She plays in the design space knowing full well there’s nothing new under the sun, but there’s always room for improvement – or to put your own spin on something. The best example of this might be her repurposing the name Simba from that of an animated lion to that of her live action chihuahua.